How to Make Your Office Relocation Quicker, Efficient, and Less Stressful

Moving from one place to another has become a part of life now. But office relocation can go from exciting to daunting in a matter of few seconds. You need to keep several aspects in mind when scaling up or moving in or out of the city.

If you are the one managing the office move, we’ve got a few essential relocation tips to make the process less hectic and more stress-free.

  1. Plan in Advance

In order to attend to all necessary details without any compromise, start planning your move 4-5 months before your actual relocation. A well-planned office move will reduce downtime and keep both your employees and clients satisfied. The primary goal of office relocation is to move from one place to another with minimum possible disruption to the business flow.

  1. Look for Moving Company Early

Since office relocation involves a lot of equipment, be sure to get an estimate and hire reputable office movers and packers in Dubai 1-2 months ahead of time. Make sure they have experience with a commercial move.

Professional movers and packers will take care of the entire procedure for you and enable you to concentrate on what’s important to you.

  1. Get the IT Team on Board

Give your IT team two or three months advance notice to begin transferring all technical stuff like equipment, internet plans, phone connections, etc. They will evaluate the new space for any necessary upgrades.

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Things

You don’t have to bring all the things to your new office. So, shred all unnecessary papers, get rid of old or broken furniture, sell or donate equipment that isn’t required anymore.

  1. Order New Equipment in Advance

Make sure you have all the necessary machines and furniture when you move to your new office. For that, you need to place an order for new equipment well in advance so that it will be readily available when you relocate.

  1. Update Your Address Everywhere

It is essential to update your clients and customers about your move. You can do that by updating your website, business cards, letterhead, and other publicity materials about one or two weeks before the move.

You can also get in touch with Google to have your online listing and address changed a month in advance. Moreover, inform your suppliers and vendors to be sure future deliveries go to the correct address.

  1. Ensure Employees are Well-Organized

When employees pack their belongings and supplies, have them put their names on the outside of the box. That way, movers can put them in the right spots according to your layout chart.

Remember, corporate relocation is not like residential move. The more confusing your setup, the more movable it is that you need assistance. After sorting it all out, it is better to hire skilled office movers and packers in Dubai.

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